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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 13, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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a blast. iowa there for two days. fun t to be there. even such up a website. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us. fun to be a part of election "fox and friends first" year. up in new hampshire for continues, goodbye. about two days too. at least a lit >> reporter: happening right now another day another democrat push to investigate the trump administration and now it is william barr on the chopping block. >> the notion that william barr should resign is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. rob: the president defending his attorney general and suggested sentence for roger stone which sent democrats into a tailspin. we are live from washington. jillian: andrew cuomo will meet donald trump at an impasse for letting homeland security access beyond the record. >> the governor be giving when giving out drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. >> nobody loves you but grandma. that is what the internet says.
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>> a hashtag that will put you in a valentines mood. >> "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> a lot of men waking up in a panic. >> that is what you get for procrastinating. rob: what am i going to do about this stupid holiday we do every year? >> todd plans it. >> just like this.
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all right. good morning, you're watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. >> thanks for starting the day with us, trying to put my serious face on now, donald trump william barr's defense with made calls for the attorney general to resign. >> democrats calling for an investigation after the doj reduced the sentencing recommendation for roger stone. >> griff jenkins joins us with the backlash from the left. >> good morning. fresh off the new hampshire campaign trail others before and is joining calls for william barr as resignation. it could send shockwaves through washington. >> we can't let this moment go unremarked. what the attorney general has done, we should all be calling for the resignation of the attorney general. if you won't resign the attorney general can be impeached. >> the uproar caused by news that he intervened in stone's
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sentencing facing 79 years under prosecutors guidelines monday but after midnight tweet by the president they changed course the next day requesting a lower sentence from the gulf four prosecutors to resign. the doj official says the president's tweets have nothing to do with the change but chuck schumer calls in a crisis. more fetid, what is more stinking than the most powerful person in the country literally changing the rules to benefit a crony guilty of breaking the law. we are witnessing a crisis and the rule of law in america. >> this as the president blasting the treatment of his former confidant. >> the fact is roger stone was treated horribly and so were many other people, their lives were destroyed. roger stone for doing nobody knows what he did. they are to apologize to a lot of people whose lives they have ruined. >> here's where things stand
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yesterday, a judge denied a request for a new trial, he is sentenced next week and there's always the possibility of a pardon but the president isn't commenting, attorney general william barr with the house judiciary committee at the end of next month. >> live in washington, thanks. >> is democrats cry foul former prosecutor and congressman trade county calls their call for the resignation of william barr ridiculous. >> the prosecutor for nine years, william barr think stuart is more proportionate so the judge will decide whether that enhancement is appropriate, supported by the facts, the prosecutor -- presidents don't sentence people, fox news commentators don't sentence people, judges do. the notion that william barr should resign is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. of the united states senator really believes the head of the department of justice cannot weigh in on what a proportional
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sentence is, we have pornographers the don't get 9 years. >> michael horwitz hasn't raised in on whether the office will investigate. the way stone is sentenced one week from today. the governor of new york will meet with the president about the suspended traveler program. homeland security band new yorkers from rolling after the state passed its greenlight law. >> a message for todd pyro joining us with the potential compromise. >> in just a few hours the two political combatants will try to come up with a solution to a battle that has been escalating, right now new york does not allow federal officials access to state records when the feds want to that someone for traveler programs which allow travelers to get through customs faster. in response teaches band new yorkers from enrolling in these programs arguing access to the information was critical to
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allowing someone in. that led to a lawsuit by the new york attorney general who sued the feds claiming it was political retribution for the state's greenlight law which allows illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses. dhs vehemently denies the connection saying these two issues have nothing to do with each other and linking them is irresponsible is the new york governor clearly disagrees. >> i will never give them access to the database but for the ttp enrollees on a case-by-case basis that is different. and it is calling their bluff because if they don't accept this than what they are admitting is they are just playing politics. >> with that is the backdrop cuomo's office confirmed to fox news that under his proposed new arrangement dhs would be granted access to dmv databases for new york residents applying for the programs after the feds show cause for needing that
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information. the daily news reporting the arrangement was rejected by dhs but governor cuomo hoping to sway the president later today. we will see. rob: more on that coming up. after being shot in the leg trying to survey federal warrants, a texan shot in the stomach is in serious condition. the officers coming under attack as they approached a man wanted for attempted murder. he was shot and killed. police say the suspect as a corrections officer charged in the shooting of a philadelphia officer. the search expanding for colorado boy missing for nearly a month. investigators looking for 11-year-old shannon in neighboring counties. he was last seen getting into his stepmother's truck. that woman is speaking out on speculation that she was involved in gannon's disappearance, social media has been devastating from heart
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comments, speculation, threats, cyberbullying. he has asked people to come forward with clues. >> 2020 hopeful michael bloomberg trying to distance himself from controversial comments about the stop and frisk program. his remarks on the speech in 2015 now resurfacing. >> against the wall. >> reporter: the former new york city mayor dismissing the comments a campaign stop in tennessee. >> it was five years ago and it is not the way i think and doesn't reflect what i do every day. >> the billionaire is under fire for what he said about the cause of the economic crisis in 2008. >> redlining was the term where banks took whole neighborhoods and said they are poor and won't
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be able to pay off their mortgages, tell salesmen not to go into those areas. >> bloomberg's campaign tells fox news, quote, mike attacked predatory lending as mayor and helped other cities craft innovative strategies to reduce evictions as a philanthropist. rival candidate tulsi gabbard taking on the mainstream media claiming her campaign is not getting as much attention as it deserves. >> interesting to hear those comments coming from members of the corporate media who have literally conducted almost total corporate media blackout of my campaign making it difficult for voters to hear my message. >> reporter: gabbard vowing to continue her campaign despite a slow start. >> wants to be launched out of this world? starting next month nasa will accept applications for astronauts.
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requirements include us citizenship, masters degree in science or engineering, passing a medical exam and experience flying a jet so pretty tough to get. new space explores will follow in the footsteps of christina koch and her first interview since returns were saying she never got bored during her 328 day trip to space. >> wonderful to stay busy with all the work we are doing, the scientific experiments, maintenance and upgrades on board the space station, the firm since we do on ourselves, when we cast a few minutes we try to soak up the unique environment the we are in. >> he took part in the only all-female spacewalk. >> fox news alert, a desperate search for in a-year-old who vanished without a trace from her own front yard. the new video police want everyone to see as the fbi joined the expanding search. >> the battle over a law that gives licenses to illegal immigrants coming to a head as donald trump and governor cuomo have a meeting of the minds but
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yum! king's hawaiian what an irresistibly delicious idea.
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rob: governor andrew cuomo will meet with the president about new york's suspended, trusted travel program. homeland security band new yorkers from rolling after the state passed its greenlight law. >>, compromise be on the horizon as the liberal leader faces mounting pressure over public safety. joining us is president of the new york state association, thank you for being with us, appreciate it. do you see a compromise and what would it look like? >> i don't know that there is a compromise. the government, the legislature
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has denied federal partners access to our data and prohibited local law enforcement from sharing that data. the only solution is to restore the access federal law enforcement has had for 30 years i have been a police officer. rob: governor talking about this issue. both sides say this is about something different. >> when we allow and documented people to get a drivers license that means in the dmv database you haven't documented people who have a license but who are not citizens. i will never give them access to the dmv database. >> the governor saying this is about protecting illegal immigrants from the federal government which is what we see in sanctuary cities. is that true? >> not really. i think the assumption is federal law enforcement will sit around on computer and look for illegal immigrants on the dmv
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database and that is simply not the way they do business. that is not realistic. they use that information for law enforcement purposes when conducting law enforcement operations and that is why they need access to that data. not to track down people who are here illegally. they are capable of doing that in other ways. jillian: listens what chuck wallace has to say. >> this has nothing to do with illegal aliens receivingthings york. they don't allow cvp to check the database as they vest applications without assets that we cannot run a possible security check and risk assessment and that is simply dangerous. jillian: what do you think of what he has to say? >> that is correct, trusted travel programs would allow people expedited access to cross the international border.
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federal law enforcement needs to that those applicants by using our database as well as others so they can't do that, denying them access to the database. there is also some question as to the validity of our documents when we allow people who are here illegally to obtain driver's licenses. if they are providing identity documents from other countries i'm not sure we can trust those documents and trust that person is who they say they are. rob: going to this meeting he will let the administration and federal government have access to the dmv records of people that apply for global entry in these programs and he says the administration and dhs doesn't accept that it will be clear this is purely political punishment for governor cuomo for being a sanctuary state. what do you think will happen
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when they meet? >> i don't see a compromise and i don't think one should take place. new york government is making public safety political. the federal government, new york legislature and governor cuomo is making this a political issue. we work daily with our federal partners on investigations, locating fugitives and doing things we do on a day-to-day basis behind-the-scenes the key people safe and we need this information to do that and it is the government of new york that is making this a political issue. >> that is very interesting. >> thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. jillian: 18 after the are. heads rolling in the hawkeye state, casualties in the wake of the iowa caucuses. >> a heartwarming hug between a little girl and a law enforcement officer, her mom and the hero in uniform join us live with the message everybody needs to hear coming up.
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rob: a college professor under fire accused of comparing these of the phrase okay boomer to a racial slur, he used it during a discussion at the university of oklahoma on how technology and social media impact journalism. he said his comments and word choice are fundamentally offensive and wrong. illegal immigrants may soon get drivers licenses in the state of virginia, lawmakers in both chambers the general assembly, applicants would need to have reported income in virginia along with tax return and unexpired passport. if past the michigan going to
2:23 am
affect as early as next january. 15 states now i'll illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. >> hugging a hero. in georgia mom sharing a viral moment when her 4-year-old daughter in a police officer met unexpected. she couldn't contain her excitement at the site of a new friend and that is the beginning of this heartwarming story. officer matthew rhodes, thank you for being here. let's look at this photo that is just adorable. i a -- why did you go up to the officer and give them a hug? >> i saw him and i gave him a hug.
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jillian: a little shy and or sleepy. tell me about that moment. >> it was in the store. she loves police officers. when she saw him, decided to give him a hug because she saw police as a friend. jillian: what happened in your mind at that moment? what were you thinking? >> coming in and out of the store, to another female, coming up, going to the back, tugging on my leg. very heartwarming. when she grabbed my leg, gave me the biggest smile you could ask
2:25 am
for. she wanted to show me, as much as she cared for her. it was heartwarming when it happened. >> has ever happened to you before? >> i never had a child give me a hug. i talked to them walking down the street, i never had one grab my leg and give me a hug. >> with everything going on with police officers, so many crimes against police officers. what is it like to have a moment like this in your day? >> very heartfelt. it shows we get support not only from adults but children. they do now we are out here to
2:26 am
help them as much as we are the entire community and miss baker doing a great job letting her know we are her friend, and if she needs us she might call us and we will be there in a heartbeat. >> talking to police officers, do you have police officers in your family? >> for a police officer, firefighters and she does ask questions when she sees stuff on the news to reassure her the police are here to help you and the only time is if you give them a reason to react. as long as you abide by the law and respect them you have nothing to worry about.
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jillian: you gave her the stuffed animal you see in the photo, a nice gesture we want to share with everybody because there's a lot we can learn from that gesture. we appreciate it. go back to bed. rob: way too early. jillian: thank you guys. rob: turning to a fox news alert, a 6-year-old girl vanishing without a trace. >> very distraught but we are only thinking positive thoughts. rob: the child's heartsick family hoping a piece of evidence released by police will lead to a tip that brings this little girl home. >> we are just getting started. jillian: joe biden doubling down in south carolina, to make a comeback. our political panel is on deck to debate that coming up. ♪
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rob: fox news alert, the fbi joining the search for a missing 6-year-old girl in south carolina. she vanished from her front yard after getting off a school bus. jillian: jackie ibanez joins us with surveillance video showing the final moments before her vanishing. >> reporter: this is the last time faye was seen getting off the school bus in her home in south carolina monday. police say she was playing in her front yard when she vanished. the communities praying for her safe return. her grandmother pleading for answers in her disappearance. >> we are very distraught but we are only thinking positive thoughts, the prettiest blue eyes you have ever seen, a smile that will melt your heart.
2:32 am
>> reporter: investigators say these two cars were sitting outside her home at the time she disappeared on monday. police are looking for the drivers for questioning. authorities are expanding their search today, flying a police helicopter over the community for help. 250 officers coming neighborhoods urging people to come forward with any and all information on the first greater's whereabouts. the hotline for information is 803-235, 4444. police say there is no evidence she was abducted. they are not ruling out that she simply walked off when playing outside her home. rob: thank you so much. jillian: despite two major consecutive losses former vice president joe biden isn't giving up on his 2020 plans. he is doubling down on south carolina to get his campaign out
2:33 am
from the back of the pack. >> these experts, cable tv talkers talking about the race. it ain't over. our votes counted too. jillian: he is leading in polls but not by as much, other candidates sitting their sites on the south. will they abandon a floundering biden camp. democratic strategists robert pattillo, thank you for joining us. let's take a look at this. this number tells you a lot and this is biden slipping a lot among black voters. in january he was at 52%. right now 27%. that is a huge loss for joe biden. >> it is the result of a
2:34 am
concerted effort by other campaigns to reach out to african-american voters particularly in south carolina. we have seen mayor bloomberg's endorsement just yesterday not to mention local officials throughout the southeast, and tom stier making a play in south carolina. for the black community the more candidates working for our votes the better outcome. i like donald trump reaching out to black voters, i like stier and bloomberg and biden reaching out the black voters, regardless who the next president is they have to have a plan to fix generational problems. joe biden has to get out there, can't simply say i know barack obama. he has to have more policy agendas and more issue statements to make sure people know what they are voting for. jillian: the same poll had people. is rising to 4%. he hasn't been able to get that african-american support.
2:35 am
is he climbing in that? >> buttigieg had issues in indiana with his black constituents, the police force, that is only going to make the issues much worse for him as he continues in this campaign but when you look at the democrat candidates they don't have that affiliation with the black voters. buttigieg, they don't know who amy klobuchar is. she is a new be on the national level and mayor bloomberg with his aggressive support for stop and frisk these are red flags. people get the accomplishments under donald trump for americans and especially black americans, the economy is booming, opportunities helping to empower disadvantaged neighborhoods. he has accomplishment voters can see and i think he can certainly
2:36 am
gain the black voter support as we move along with this election. jillian: let's start with michael bloomberg, is that going to hurt him, stop and frisk? >> we have to remember mayor bloomberg has unlimited money and creates his own news cycle. he is able to run the ads to be able to bring in the bloomberg money. it is clear as recently as 2015 he thought stop and frisk was a great policy. is not a lifelong democrat. new yorkers will tell you the challenge is going to be now that money to break into the top tier of the democratic candidates, he has to be vetted, ask questions about his record and policy agenda and it will be a question of what happens when the questions come back.
2:37 am
we saw this with elizabeth warren when her plan sounded great until she sat down in the kitchen and explain medicare for all, her campaign hasn't rebounded. jillian: but listen to what black michael bloomberg had to say on this topic. >> those words don't reflect michael bloomberg. we will do well in the african-american community. >> he thinks he will do very well. >> thank goodness for the video replays. time will tell but i don't think it is going to work. it is something he is wishing it would be so. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. jillian: we will be watching it as it plays out. have a good day. rob: janice talking about the weather. it is raining outside. >> raining for days. i have requested i be outside for "fox and friends". jillian: what about your fancy
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umbrella? >> the umbrella, i will stay inside today. we have an arctic cold front in the upper midwest and northern plains. the wind chill, really cold, dangerous cold. the arctic cold front will be on the move across the great lakes to the northeast. ahead of it and surrounding the front is where we will see precipitation. it is too warm in new york city to see snow. behind it we see that snow across the great lakes and tomorrow in the new york city area and the flooding concern will be on alert across portions of the mississippi, tennessee and ohio river valley as the moisture is on the move. there is your forecast. once we get that front, things will cool up and we will try out and the next storm system moving in to the northwest but things will be relatively quiet.
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looking ahead, we are still above average. i don't know what happened to winter. i think it is never going to be here. is scaring me a little bit. rob: it is here for a lot of people. in indiana, family and friends, snowing a lot. >> our friends in the midwest. rob: on the east coast. thank you so much. jillian: we will be right back.
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jillian: michael bloomberg spending as much as $1 million a day on facebook for cash platform once dominated by donald trump. rob: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with how the internet is responding to the ads. >> reporter: donald trump is synonymous with social media. michael bloomberg is spending a lot more these days.
2:43 am
like you said at the top bloomberg is spending $1 million a day on facebook ads alone. the president's campaign is known for targeting voters on social media. could bloomberg's billions take the wind out of the president's sales on social media? one twitter user says one thing i can say about bloomberg, he understands the importance of mass advertising. all the other candidates don't get it. talking about how much money, pocket change for him, he could spend billions of not even feel it. facebook is a dumpster fire, it is the same at my tv. one thing to know is michael bloomberg is trying to win the nomination, donald trump isn't. i'm sure he will ramp up spending during the general election.
2:44 am
>> now we are talking about grandma. >> combining those two categories. trading social media ahead of valentine's day, if grandma wrote on candy hearts and some of these messages are so relatable. this person says is this texting? they would say eat more, skin and bones. >> this is topical because did we learn a couple weeks ago, messages won't be handing this year. >> we needed something. a prominent jewish leader escorted out of an event featuring a member of the so-called squad. [shouting] >> he will not be silenced by
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rob: thursday's show of "fox and friends" will start in 12 minutes, we will discuss joe biden have struggling campaign, bernie sanders is brawling with unions and elizabeth warren staying in this race. we will talk about where we go into thousand 20 and the latest scandal around the president of the united states and a major push back, will democrats when allison? stephanie grisham, josh holly will be here to talk about did the president do anything wrong to launch an investigation like
2:49 am
the house is doing? part of a dramatic boycott of the intel committee will discuss that plus he was a doctor and we will ask a medical question. we will talk about the assault weapons ban in virginia, the beginning of the end of the assault weapons ban or just the beginning and tomi lahren on whether it is the beginning of the end for joe biden. don't miss a minute of "fox and friends" but stay tuned to "fox and friends first" because rob has special plans. [shouting] kim jong un confrontation, the founder of americans against anti-semitism forced out of a muslims for peace event after calling out rashida tlaib for what he says are past anti-semitic comments. joining me to respond is the man himself.
2:50 am
this all started with a tweet that rashida tlaib retweeted talking about a palestinian boy founded in a well. what did she say? >> what she said was she literally was involved in a blood libel, she blamed jews for the murder of this child. rob: a herd of israeli settlers. >> meaning animals are taking this child. this child drowned. a member of the united states congress without information blamed the jewish people, blood libel go back to the middle ages. rob: using a retweet. >> by the way apologized but she never apologized. the real tragedy, she did not apologize and i confronted her in her face, asking her to apologize for what she did. the real tragedy is the
2:51 am
democratic party, not one single democratic member of congress, no one said anything. they are busy with the president of the united states. that is all they are focused on. in the democratic party, not saying anything, not doing anything and the liberal media, where are they on a blood libel? rob: this was the response to her tweeting that into leading the tweet, this is from rashida tlaib, in this era of inaccurate and manipulative news i hold myself to the highest standard for what i share. i always seek the truth as we uplift the oppressed and fight frequently, justice and freedom. no apology. the president said he believes members of the squad are anti-semitic. >> no question about that. tlaib has indulged in anti-semitic behavior for the longest time and this latest is one of the most egregious things. when you talk this way you have
2:52 am
1 million followers and there were confrontations in israel, with the child being murdered that is a horrible thing but it was all malarkey. a member of congress, where is her apology? where adam schiff and nadler and all these people who are upset with the president? not one word. rob: we have had other comments from other members of the squad. ilhan omar talked about jewish money controlling politics and pushing for our allegiance to a foreign nation. some for comments led to a resolution in the house a year ago where they forcibly condemned anti-semitism to get away from this story. >> that story was a forest too because pelosi was going to go after omar specifically and that was watered down.
2:53 am
the democratic party has two lenses. anti-semitism -- anything with the president they are upset. anything in the republican party but they are blind to what is going on within my own party, the democratic party is inexcusable. rob: there are so many protected classes in this country by the left, lgbt q, they protect minorities. are jews no longer considered a protected class? almost seems like it is okay now to sadie's things and not be held accountable. >> it is called a double standard. it is called hypocrisy. it has resulted in an outbreak of anti-semitism we have never seen before. numbers speak for themselves. we have never seen anything like this in this country and in new york people like the mayor and the governor blamed trump for what is happening in their backyard.
2:54 am
it has nothing to do with the president. it is not being honest in the is there coverage of a blood libel? this is serious stuff. >> people out there need to speak out and not be afraid. democrats, republicans, it is about fighting hate period. rob: we do appreciate it. jillian: 6 minutes until the top of the hour. a shakeup in the aftermath of the iowa caucuses, democrats following the major debacle and a pair of shoes that smell like chicken? this could be your dream come true. what kfc is cooking up. . .
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rob: welcome back. this moment appearing to be a sign of things to come in iowa. >> precinct chair and precinct secretary. rob: the hawkeye state's democratic chairman resigning amid the state's chaos over the caucus. a meeting to elect an interim chair is slated for this weekend. the person selected will complete the recanvas and recount process. the party is trying to mess that it was. there is still no winner in the race. meantime growing concerns ahead week's nevada caucuses. volunteers have yet to be fully trained. watch out. jillian: earthquake rattled fishing scam. seconding the money to a fake account last month
2:59 am
following an email about a bank account change. the loss comes as the island remains stuck in 13-year recession. officials trying to recover the money. and now it's time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first up the good. really good for us. turns out our favorite past time golfing. helps you live longer. playing golf at least once a month can lower older adults' risk for death. rob: next the bad. check out fat cat. weighing 28 pounds. officially making him morbidly obese. so big his foster family putting him on a diet before finding him a if you are ever home. jillian: kfc collaborating to make limited edition bucket clogs. the fridafried chicken recipe. sounds delightful.
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rob: bye. ♪ ♪ made for joy ♪ happy dance steve: we are doing the happy dance it has been a busy traveling february for "fox & friends." we have been down to washington. we have been down to florida. we have been up to new hampshire. we went throughl was


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